Aramesh Sesame Oil


Sesame seeds have been known as a source of food oil in many Asian countries for over 4,000 years. Unfortunately, in industrialized counties, Sesame Oil is mostly produced in vast quantities with chemical extraction methods using hexane, bleaching, refining and deodorizing, which results in a bland and tasteless oil.

In contrast, Aramesh Sesame Oil is a truly cold-pressed oil. When refrigerated, Aramesh Sesame Oil will partially solidify, which shows that it has a high percentage of monounsaturated and saturated fatty acids. This makes Sesame Oil more stable with a longer shelf life.

Aramesh Sesame Oil contains: 43% polyunsaturated Linoleic acid (omega- 6), 36% monounsaturated Oleic acid (omega-9), 14% saturated fatty acids.


Good nutrition

Providing Essential Fatty Acids

Aramesh Oils are truly cold-pressed and unrefined. All seeds used in our oils are grown organically and are selected for their high quality and abundance of Essential Fatty Acids, EFAs.  To ensure Aramesh's Seasame Oil is the safest, best tasting oil possible, it has been non-GMO Project Verified.

EFAs such as omega-3s and omega-6s are needed by our bodies, but the body cannot make them on its own. They must be obtained from dietary sources. Using only the finest ingredients, Aramesh is proud to support your healthy lifestyle with a full line of Pure Premium Oils.

The quality of our oils is ensured by a third party certifying agency, Quality Assurance International (QAI).

These oils are bottled in non-reactive PET to prevent deterioration from light, and are stamped for freshness.

Made with care and the utmost attention to detail, Aramesh Oils retain their authentic color, delicate flavor and primary nutritional characteristics. Providing valuable essential fatty acids from natural sources, these healthful, Pure Premium Oils complement a wide variety of nutritious meals.